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Did Any Halo Besides CE Track Difficulty Progress?

OP Pythaleon

For those of you who played Halo: Combat Evolved back in the day, you'll remember the Level Select screen came with individual difficulty emblems for every mission, logging every way you'd beaten the level.

I have a similar question about the Xbox 360 Halos. I know they didn't have this same level of granularity. Instead, they displayed only the highest difficulty you'd completed for both Solo and Co-op modes.

What I'm wondering, however, is how this flagging system works behind the scenes. Is there a full list of difficulty completion markers for each mission, similar to CE, only the highest of which is displayed on the mission select screen? Or is a mission's difficulty completion tracked by a single piece of metadata (i.e. "0" for uncompleted, "1" for completing on Easy, "2" for Normal, etc.)? I know it's a rather technical question, but I'm very curious to know if Bungie truly overhauled their progression-tracking when they went to the 360. My own instincts would lean towards the latter setup, since when you complete the game on Legendary, the difficulty achievements stack, so that you unlock the Normal and Heroic ones as well.