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Did you knew, there are DLC's?

OP HILTI dc se 20

I still enjoy playing Halo: Reach and I would be happy if the population of the game would rise again! How about the remaining players finally getting the DLCs, since they are provided for free? In the course of my preparations for an achievement boosting session, I noticed that I did not own the DLCs. since they were not listed under "ready to install", I assumed that I already have them. It would be a great enrichment for online matches if everyone would download them. It would help to find new fun.
To do that, please do the following:

- launch Halo: Reach on your XBOX one console
- go to the customgames and open the list of maps

If you have cards marked with stars, they are missing and you know that you have been able to enjoy the game only halfway so far. But that does not matter, you can catch up with them quite easily.

- Find a missing map and hit A
- a 360-specific window from the marketplace will open and you press "confirm purchase"
- a one-specific window will direct you to the location of Halo: Reach, where you have now triggered the free DLCs under "ready to install".
Yes! I wish there were prompts to download these at the main menu. I am quite glad that 343 made these and (at least) the Halo 3 map packs available at no cost