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Disconnects from XBL for no reason

OP natmish

This problem happens alot to me here is how it happens to me, When I pick "War games" and then go to "Online" or whatever its called and I press B to go back it says "You are not connected to xbox live You must be connected to xbox live to start the game." But Im connected to xbox live and i also have Gold so what i have to do after this is restart the game and its really frustrating to do this every time. Anybody else has the same problem ?
I assume you are on about Halo 4 on the Xbox 360? Sometimes, when you boot up an Xbox 360 game on the Xbox One (again, assuming here), you have to bring up the Xbox 360 menu and sign in again as the Xbox 360 games run on a separate system.
Yes, it's a common issue. The game goes automatically on local when searching for a game or going back in the lobby. I noticed that if you're searching in a populated playlist (only Team slayer and BTB) this issue happens less times (it may be a coincidence). Here you might find a solution, but it's not guaranteed it will work...