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DLC required?


Since all the DLC in reach is free I think they should be required to play.
I figure 343 wont update reach but it's worth a shot.
Sounds unfair for people that don't have storage space, but i kinda just want the chance to finish my achievements :/
It's not "required" but most of the playlists have the DLC maps in the mix. As long as all the players in game have the DLC maps, they'll show up every now and then in matchmaking
OR! why don't they make a DLC playlist? There is an anniversary playlist so they could also make one for the DLC. I downloaded the maps for playing custom games before I had gold and they are good, fun, solid maps that I think most Reach fans will enjoy.
There was a DLC playlist before 343 got rid of it and put in their TU playlists.
There used to be more diverse choices like Anniversary BTB and Anniversary Objective (I think this one was a thing, it was like 6 years ago though so I might be wrong). I don't think its really possible / viable to get some of the multiplayer achievements like those DLC Invasion ones.