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[Locked] Ever betray someone for the sniper rifle ?

OP Dr Nooky

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I never betrayed teammates for weapons I just wate for it to respawn.
I've never done that but it happened to me before. I hate it.
I've done it before. I wouldn't normally, only if they're awful with it and have had it the whole game. I hate it when people sit on the spawn point with an empty sniper and take it again and again and again and don't give anyone else a chance with it.
Nah, I never betray someone for a weapon. If I'm in a race to get the sniper or something and a teammate beats me out, I might shoot them in the foot once or twice in a friendly way, but I would never kill somebody over it. The only time I'd betray someone for a sniper, is if that person team killed me to get it, cause I'll want it back ;)
There's no need to betray for weapons once you know their spawn times. In fact, there's never a need to betray for a weapon, unless you count the fact that people who do that most likely cannot succeed without a certain weapon.
No because I don't like UNSC sniper rifles. They recoil too much. I'll only pick it up if I have to.

I honestly don't care for the sniper because unlike many players I don't need it to get kills. I can fair quite well enough with the starting DMR.

In the rare occasion my team does not care about the sniper either I may pick it up and use it. I do well with the sniper but it's not like I ever desire being 'that player' who has to get a sniper each match or they rage quit/team kill like a child.

Anyone who team kills another teammate for a weapon is sad imo. You are hurtign the team big time. I don't care if you think you are superior in skill or not. It's just wrong. Everyone has to learn to get better with weapons and if you are 'so good' then find another weapon and win the match that way. It's not like the sniper is your only good weapon ... if it then you are a weak player who can't adapt to the situation at hand.
I haven't yet, But I probably never will because whoever has that sniper rifle probably can aim better than me.
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I'd never kill a teammate over a weapon, vehicle, or really any other reason for that matter. I play casual for that reason. If I win, great...if not, oh well....there will always be another round. If someone gets a weapon before me, oh well, I don't hamper the team by killing them just because they aren't great with it. I just try to get it the next time it spawns. If I don't get it, I don't waste my time, nor my team's time by making a big deal over who has what weapon and how well they use it. It's called being a productive teammate and not let something like that ruin your progress.

So someone gets a power weapon and they aren't great with it? Oh well. It's called being a better teammate and doing your best for your team to make sure you can still come out on top even if other players on your team aren't doing their best. Not wasting time and making a deal over someone sucking with a particular weapon and you kill them because of it. Also, how are they suppose to improve their skills with a weapon if -Yoinks- on their own team keep betraying them for not being good with said weapon? It's it is that much of a hassle for you if a noob or under-skilled individual gets their hands on the power weapons, then go play in the Ranked or MLG playlists where people care about trivial details like that. If it's a casual playlist and you have to betray teammates for not playing up to your standards, then you shouldn't be playing casual.

That being said, I mostly just play SWAT anyway where I don't have to worry about power weapons or how good/bad someone is with them.
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