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Favorite Armor

OP Savage185

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security shoulders are beast
Savage185 wrote:
Type your favorite armor.
that pilot variant with a skull face. Got that at inheritor on my offline account, most bad -Yoink- thing ive seen.
Christ, what is up with all the spammers in this thread?

On topic: Mk VI (Halo4/5)
Definitely gungnir
Just the classic Noble 6 armour for me
Mark V.
Mark V
Combination you see on my profile pic
  • Recruit Helmet
  • Aviator Chestplate
  • Air Assault Shoulder Pads
  • XV-27 Shifting Forearms
  • LG-50 Bulk Legs
  • Legendary Visor
it would be gungir armor definitly

Edit: everyone is saying their fav hemet, hes asking for the armor chest piece
Grenadier is awesome i love wearing the helmet on Reach.
Please don't post multiple time in a row. If you need to add more information or quote other users, you can edit your last post. Thanks
if we're taking Reach the Para/Parafoil armor strikes my fancy because I like the idea of my Spartan dropping into combat.
Emiles armor is pretty cool too
The Halo 3 hayabusa armor, i'm surprised its not in more Halo games?
Mark V for Spartans and Ascetic for Elites.
On Reach :
JFO helmet
Scout breast plate
EVA shoulders
Default for wirst and knees
For Halo 5
EVA armor and helmet or Emile set
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