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Favorite Armor

OP Savage185

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The Halo 3 hayabusa armor, i'm surprised its not in more Halo games?
I think it’s in halo 5 as either the Shinobi or raider helmet
I’d say Shinobi
I'm going to have to tag ODST armour as my favourite, though the MJOLNIR MK.VI & the Semi-Powered Infiltration armours are a close second and third. Really want to see more of SPI.
To me, the all time best single piece of armor is the Haunted Helmet. Nothing before or since has had the "cool" factor of it. Combine it with the Eternal armor effect and you have a blue burning skull inside a helmet. If that isn't cool, I don't know what is. Really, I think Reach was the peak of armor design in the series. You of course have classics such as the MK V and MK VI, but also a whole slew of great armor. Obviously what looks good and what doesn't is subjective, but all the armor is Reach to me looks like a Spartan would actually wear it. It looks like the armor is meant to serve a purpose and the looks just happen to be a result of that.

A close second is the OG Recon set from Halo 3. I still remember getting Recon with my friends as a kid and the genuine excitement of equipping it for the first time. Again, as far a cool factor, Recon set with Katana is pretty darn cool. Aside from looking good, it also meant something. Having full Recon set and the Katana meant that you had EVERY achievement.

Broadly, I think armor stopped looking good after Reach. I do not like 343's style and I honestly think all of their armor is over-designed garbage.
ODST and Mark V
I like Recruit. Apparently.
Savage185 wrote:
Type your favorite armor.
Mark VI the iconic armor!
Mark V Armor. It's just too sleek
War Master Helmet is out of this world, IMO.
Pdyz wrote:
War Master Helmet is out of this world, IMO.
But for full armor, I’m going to have to go with the sleek ODST. 1 Red Stripe. Like Halo 3!
The football shoulder pads from Halo 4, or Hayabusa.
Air Assault
Commando cool as well.
EVA has to be one of the best.
Grenadier is awesome i love wearing the helmet on Reach.
Gungnir is boss.
There should be a jump jet helmet.
ODST one of the best.
Recon too.
Security is a reference from Marathon.
MJOLNIR MK. VI has to be in the top 5.
You Like sooo Much Armor Spartan !
This is for Halo 5.
I really like the Scout helmet because of how sleek and refined it looks. I always feel really cool when my Spartan wears it (and I can look like Felix from RvB). I don't mind the Scout armour but I really like the Mark VI and Stalker armours. Oh and I also like the Warrior (no variant) helmet.
Hayabusa was the only that i cared to know the name
Hayabusa with the Katana... Unfortunately in Halo 3 my skulls reset so I no longer have it unlocked... Literally was my favorite armor and probably won't see it.
EVA or Hayabusa
Hayabusa from Halo 3.
ODST for me for sure
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