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Favorite Covenant Weapons

OP ImmortalODST833

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Needler+needler dual weld can do massive damage so needler my favorite or AR
Needler. Just Needler
needler and plasma rifle.
Carbine and energy sword
Fuel rod cannon hands down. In the right hands you can carry a team with it
the carbine,energy sword,and spiker
I cant decide between energy sword,carbine,or plasma pistol
Energy Sword, specifically the Halo 2 version.
The plasma caster for sure. You can easily keep an enemy in their base, or out of it. It's a lot of fun to use in general.
Probably the Halo 3 Covenant Carbine or the Halo 5 Light of Urs. Blood of Suban is pretty great also.
Needler or BR. Close tie between the two.

SORRY! I forgot this was covenant only!
Needler or Energy Sword.
Carbine and plasma pistol
The plasma caster and the energy sword. The plasma caster is one of the most unique and versatile weapons that Halo has. It can keep enemies trapped in their base (or outside of it) if necessary. The energy sword is so much fun to use and you can get some serious multi-kill medals if you use it right.

Edit: Wow, didn't realize I posted in this thread not too long ago.
Brute shot, Brute Spiker Rifle, Energy sword, and plasma pistol
Mine has to be the sword. I love lounging and tearing through clueless guys, really fun to camp the "elevators" in Halo 3 Construct.
Mine is:
Tartarasus Gavel
Prophets Bane
Blood of Suban
Ravening Sliver
Keith Left Hand
And lots more.These are in order so Lol
This is a classic Halo thread, not Halo 5.
Ya I just realised. But when I wrote that post I was just some stupid kid who never knew much about Halo. But now, I learned my mistakes. Moving on, mine is Carbine and the needler, da
splosions with the needler is classic
Honestly I liked the hunters arm like we always wanted to use it finally we got the chance to
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