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favorite Halo game artstyle design

OP natmish

Personally my favorite halo game artstyle design is Halo wars 1, looks like CE with some changes and the Halo wars 1 marines are my favourite.
Personally my favorite art/graphic style was halo reach, it felt gritty and dirty and like it was used, not unnaturally pristine or clean, it felt like the way everything looked was possible
I've always loved the art style in Halo: Combat Evolved. That's the game I started with and there's always been something with the simplistic design of everything and how colorful the Elites are.
I didn't pay attention initially but I was impressed with the depth level backgrounds on H2A; such as the Ascension multiplayer remake.
Halo 2 or Halo 3 for me. Especially Halo 2 anniversary, it just looks sooooooo good.
Halo CE. I don't get why was it thrown away, Halo doesn't feel like itself without it. I don't think any od the other games looked bad on it's own (except H5) but it's not the same anymore.
Honestly, it would have to be Halo: Reach's art style for me. The way everything looks battered and worn, with a muted, wartorn sort of palette....the rain in the main menu....
The Spartan armour designs are especially good, man. They look the way Spartan armour should be; not bright and flashy and showy like Halo 5; but with those more muted colours (better for hiding, duh!), the scratches and general wear and tear..... It's just GOOD, man
And oh, boy, the Elites in this game have such ornate, elaborate armour, just as it should be!

Close second would be the design and art style of Halo Wars 2. The Blur cutscenes add a gorgeous realism.... and most of the cutscenes look dark or mysterious, which is exactly the kind of aura that game deserves. It fits well!
I agree with you on Halo Wars 1. I also love H2A.
Probably Halo 4. That game was downright gorgeous, and it kept the grittiness of Reach in it's weaponry and armor. Things look like they've seen action. Plus, some of my favorite marine designs come from it. Forerunner buildings were amazing. Halo 4 is definitely my favorite.
I love be the look of the halo wars Spartans, but my favorite is probably, the rustic style of reach.
I grew up playing halo 2, but I have to say that Reach quickly became my favourite art style with how gritty and real it felt.
halo CE hands down
Halo Reach all the way. It has a really good military sci-fi look and feel. Everything else is just kinda cartoony which is fine, I just liked the more "real" look.
Probably Halo 3, but I can dig the more realistic approach that Halo: Reach had.