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Favorite Reach Gun?

OP di3gon

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What is your favorite reach gun?
Probably the assault rifle! I just like the way it looks and feels in that game!
The focus rifle, mainly because I have bad accuracy and being able to keep constant fire allows me to do more damage.
I like Needlerifle, I always dominate with it in Elite Slayer.
But I don't really know what gun is my favorite, they all are good but feel pretty same.
Dmr, nuff said
Needlerifle was very awesome
Needle rifle
Is a tie between the Assault Rifle and the Needle Rifle.
Sniper Rifle - Like the design and the revamped sound of the gun

It's in Reach, it does count right?
DM and the R and/or needle rifle and assault rifle.
DMR. Feels powerful and dominates in a lot of encounters. Needle Rifle is my second favorite. Takes seemingly less to kill and your enemies explode at some point :D
Shotgun cause it rocks in matchmaking
Gotta love the DMR.
The plasma pistol was my favourite. It's so overpowered in Reach.
The focus rifle, i dont know why it just seemed so cool and the sound was really nice.
Needle Rifle. Comparable power/accuracy to DMR, slightly less reticle bloom, and IT GO ESPLODEY! Childish enthusiasm aside, I really enjoy using it on high-ranking Elites--it's a thing of beauty. In the absence of a Needle Rifle, though, it will always be the DMR. Every single time.
I gotta go with the Focus Rifle and, Needle Rifle and Grenade Launcher, but specifically, the Focus Rifle.
It has a good design and is actually a really good weapon, it's just hard to master. Not only it's useful in long range combat, but also close quarters combat. A magnificent, unique weapon. I think it should make a comeback into Halo 6. It could also be a good addition into Halo 5, but since the major content updates are over, GAME OVER.
Plasma Launcher.

Only Halo game to have it, and before it was fixed that thing could track pretty much forever.
Needle Rifle~ Loved the carbine in previous games and this gun felt like the next step up.
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