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Favorite Weapon in all of Halo

OP ViperPilot99

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Halo CE pistol
Halo 3 battle rifle
Halo 2 needler and halo CE through 3 BRs.
Kind of boring, but probably the good ol' BR.
Halo: CE: the Pistol.
Halo 2: Dual-weilding SMG's.
Halo 3: The Spartan Laser.
Halo 3: ODST: The siclenced SMG.
Halo Reach: The DMR.
Halo 4: The Magnum.
Halo 5: The DMR.

All-time: The Halo 5 DMR. I think Halo 5 in general has the best weapon sandbox of any of the games, and with the current DMR I am a formidable force at any range. I prefer single-shot weapons over the three-shot burst any day of the week. It also feels and sounds much more powerful than the BR.

Edit: My favorite req would be the Nornfang. I love using the sniper rifle, and the Nornfang is a one-hit kill anywhere on the body. It is also good to use against vehicles.
Traditional Weapon: H2 BR

REQ Weapon: The Answer / Nornfang
Halo 2: Batlle Rifle!!
YYES. The Halo 2 BR is AWESOME!!
Halo 2, 3, 4, 5: Carbine all the way
Halo reach: Needle Rifle.
Halo CE: Pistol
Halo 2: BR
Halo 3: BR
ODST: Silenced Sub Machine Gun
Reach: DMR
Halo 4: DMR
Halo 5: Light Rifle
I love the BR in H2 but not in H3.
I like the M6H magnum the best.
Kentxcky wrote:
Halo 2 and Halo 4 brs just felt so damn smooth to use
I loved Halo 4 BR.
Halo ce assault rifle
Halo 2 br
Halo 3 smg or br
Halo 3 odst smg
Halo 4 br
Halo 5 smg
Halo CE M6D pistol! 3sk for ever haha
jannat2000 wrote:
Imagine this: long range shotgun that didnt have so much spread :O
So a shotgun with a solid slug if thats what you mean?
Probs CE Shotgun and AR for me. They're real fun to use in my opinion
I'd have to say that my favorites would be
Halo CE: Magnum
Halo 2: Battle Rifle
Halo 3: Shotgun
Halo 3: ODST: Silenced SMG
Halo Reach: Sniper or Grenade Launcher
Halo 4: Carbine
Halo 5: Saw
Shotgun all the way!
Halo 2, 3, 4, 5: Carbine all the way
Halo reach: Needle Rifle.
The weapon that I like most of all Halo's is the sword, the scopes and the DMR or RB, the weapons in the case.
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