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[Locked] Halo 2 PC: Project Cartographer- Play online!

OP UncutFighter

I want to start this thread off by saying I realize someone or multiple people have already made a post about this and I don't want to be over barring about it, but I just wanted to make a thorough thread on what Project Cartographer is and how to get it.

Terminology: The game "Halo 2 for Windows Vista" is referred to by different names and abbreviations such as, Halo 2 Vista, Halo 2 PC, H2V, and H2PC, so on and so fourth.

This game will run on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

  • First off... (for those of you who care) The situation with H2V:
As some of you may know the main server list under the "Live" tab for H2V is currently down, meaning you cannot see games or host one and people be able to see/join them on Halo 2 PC. We have made threads, posts, and tweets to 343 asking about what the situation is with no response or help given (not surprising), so we have made our own way to play online again with "Project Cartographer" (kinda like XBC and XLinkai for Halo 2 on the original Xbox, except we do more and plan to do much more than just have an ability to see and join games).

  • What is Project Cartographer? :
As I stated, Project Cartographer is a way to play Halo 2 PC online again and also removes "Games for Windows Live" (GFWL), the PC version of Xbox Live where you would sign in with your Xbox account. With GFWL we had many issues that were caused by "updates" Microsoft put out that broke the game even more. These updates broke in-game voice chat, added what we refer to as "Join lag", where the game would freeze for a second or two when someone joins the game then unfreeze (doesn't sound too bad but gets annoying) and broke the hit registration...a lot. With the removal of GFWL we can now make changes to the game itself fixing these problems and adding more features. In game voice chat is now being tested and is working and also the hit registration is much much better. Join lag is still a thing but is being fixed. BUT AT LEAST YOU CAN JOIN A GAME IN PROGRESS *COUGH* MCC *COUGH COUGH*

  • How to get it
To get to play Halo 2 PC again with Project Cartographer all you need is Halo 2PC (duh) and the Project Cartographer launcher.

If you do not have Halo 2 for PC you can purchase it or get it by "other means" if you want.
  1. There also is no activation required for the game as we do not use Games for Windows Live, so if installing the game, click "Fully install and do NOT start" and click activate later.
  2. After installing Halo 2 PC run the latest update for H2V that can be downloaded here: .
  3. Once you have installed your game and ran the Update for the game, you will then need to get the Halo 2 Project Cartographer launcher. The launcher can be downloaded here:
  4. After downloading you will need to open the Halo_2_Launcher.exe from wherever you choose to place it (Desktop, game directory, ect.). The launcher will download an update and also patch your game with the Project Cartographer files at first and then proceed to open.
  5. Once the launcher opens you will need to hit "Register" and then create an account that you will use to login with. This will be your in-game display name so be sure to make it like you would a gamertag!
  6. After registering you will log in on the launcher with your username and password and then click "Play"!
  7. Finally your game should start and say the version of Project Cartographer in the top left hand corner and underneath should say "Master Server: Connected!" If you see that it has connected to the Master Server click the "Network" tab and you should see a list of server and peer-hosted games!
**NOTE** If during the installation of this game on an operating system past Windows Vista, such as 7,8,8.1, or 10 and you encounter an error upon starting your game, try running a fix called "Windows 7 Fix" which can be downloaded off this page here: Be sure to right click and run as administrator!
  • Hosting a game
As of right now if you want to host a game you must port forward ports 1000-1007 UDP in your router for people to join your game.
  • Future plans and features for Halo 2 PC:
We have many plans and features that we are excited about being able to bring and have on Halo 2 PC and I will list some below
  1. In game voice chat: As I stated above, Halo 2 PC at one point had working in game voice chat, however due to an update from Microsoft, got broken and would no longer work. I am proud to announce that the devs at Project Cartographer have in game voice chat working once again to its full functionally with the name plate displaying as it once did in the lower right corner and voice proximity. In game voice chat will be releasing in an upcoming update!
  2. Stat tracking and Ranking: With us now using an account system, we will soon be able to implement real time stat tracking and a 1-50 ranking system with the ORIGINAL ranking symbols that Halo 2 on the original Xbox had for Halo 2 PC. We will be starting off the ranking system at first on dedicated servers and then soon move over to....MATCHMAKING
  3. Matchmaking: We plan to bring a working matchmaking system to Halo 2 PC eventually with the ability to find players who are also searching with both Social and Ranked playlists! Again, the ranking system will be EXACTLY like it was done on the original Halo 2.
  4. Zombies: We currently have a working "Zombies" system setup where if yours or the game you joins game type variant name is "Infection" or "Zombies" it will automatically force all Red team humans and choose 1 random person as a Green team zombie. Red team (Humans) will automatically spawn with Shotguns and Magnums, while Green team (Zombies) will spawn with only an energy sword! Once a zombie kills a human, they will automatically change teams from red to green and become a zombie!
  5. Anti-Cheat: We will soon be pushing an update that will be bringing what is referred to as "Anti-cheat" where unfair mods, hacks, ect. such as aimbotting, fly hacking and speed hacking will no longer work in public legitimate games. However these will be allowed in servers for modding and hacking and also custom games where the host allows it. There are currently programs that we will be adding into the launcher soon so that they will not have to be ran separately, but tools such as FoV changers and "Super Sensitivity" (A tool that you can customize your controller or mouse sensitivity from 1 all the way up to 100) will be allowed.
  6. Much...Much more! We have many more features that we plan on bringing to Halo 2 for PC!
I want to thank you for taking the time to read this . I have been playing H2V for years and plan to for many more!
  • We have 2 sites set up where you can learn more about Project Cartographer if you would like, and
  • Our discord can be joined with this link:
  • Offical H2PC twitter can be found @H2PCOfficial here
  • Official H2PC Facebook page:
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How many people play now? Last time I played, there were only 20 people on in the weekend.
How many people play now? Last time I played, there were only 20 people on in the weekend.
We have had to make several changes to our launcher and have people manually re-download it. So that obviously takes time however, our discord has over 400 members now and we estimate about 600-700 people that currently play. The issue is not all of these people are on at the same time but we are growing each and every day. We have also noticed a lot of people "lurking" in the menu and when you host a game that they see and are wanting to play, it fills up quite fast. We have just gotten "multi-instances" working which is just having one computer host multiple servers. This will allow us to have more servers and more gametypes that people will want to play. Its all work in progress.
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Has anyone tried this yet to see if its actually up and running?
Super! I'd like to see the achievements Xbox Live)) Dreams, Dreams...
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