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Halo 3 for Android

OP TheLegend117YT

I would like to present myself to 343 Industries.

My name is Naiem, however I go by Legend Studio's online and I am a 15 year old trying to carry out a career as a game developer as I'm about to leave school for college. However, since I was 14, I've taken it upon myself to try to learn and create. I have had great success. I have reached out to you to let you know that I have a strong passion for Halo. As my dream career is to be a game developer, I have started my own project of Halo.

My project is to remake Halo 3 to the Android platform and I am using the Unity 3D game engine. I have a YouTube channel based around my projects and have gained a large community. I now have 1300+ subscribers and 100k+ views in total. I have been progressing very well with the project and would like to complete the entire game.

I didn't know if it was a good idea to apply for a job on your website so I could tell you this, so instead I have posted on your forums. Please contact me by email: email removed by moderator - please don't post personal information

My skills and experience:
•2 years Unity Engine experience
•2 years C# programming experience - I still have a little to learn so I would say I'm at a medium level
•Medium skill with animation

As I have a strong passion for Halo, it would mean so much if you can approve of what I'm doing as I've worked very hard to learn and create this. I will also put a link to the APK for you to test it for yourselves if you would like.

I would also like to mention to you that at the moment, my computer is broken and I have my GCSE's starting just before my birthday so those unfortunate things have delayed me to be able to work on my projects for quite a while. If you would like to talk to me or even if you wanted me on a live stream or something, I would be more than happy.

I have looked at the rules and I'll explain what I've followed so nothing gets seen in the wrong way.
•I have not reverse engineered the game or done anything the game doesn't permit. However I have extracted and used Halo assets in this project.

•I have not earned a single penny of this project. The only way I have earned money is from my YouTube, which I am sure is an exception. I may have put a PayPal link in my YouTube videos, but it has NOTHING to do with the projects, it is simply there if someone would like to help me put money towards a PC.

•I have not been selling/I have not sold any halo content

•I have not entered an agreement with anyone

•I do however use the original sounds and music... I suppose that goes with what I put for using original assets - the first thing of this list. But I really hope you are okay with it.

•I don't do this for commercial use to earn or anything like that. There are no ads on the game, I do not earn money off the game and I'm not asking money for the project. I'm doing this for free, for fun, contributing to my passion, sharing this out to people to enjoy.

•I have not made anything about the project pornographic or offensive.

•This project was put together and made by me at home.

I have tried a lot to follow your rules on the Microsoft page. Thank you for reading and I hope when you reply, I can bring good news to myself, my parents and my community. My links below:




Download the game:

(Please don't use a really new device to play the game because they tend to not be able to switch scenes. I recommend a Samsung Galaxy S8 as the newest device to use for the game)
Hey OP, afraid I've had to remove the download link from your post - as a privacy and safety policy, we can't links allow potentially unsafe software on the forums. Guessing you've checked over the Game Content Usage Rules already, I would maybe send the team there an email to double check your use of assets, just to make sure it's ok. Best of luck with the project!
Good luck, man. Corporations tend to frown upon the unlicensed use of their property, but it looks like you've done some homework so you may be in the clear as of now.

I would recommend maybe contacting a programmer member of 343i/MS on Twitter, or sending a good old fashioned email, as I'm not sure how often the right people read the older sections of the forums.

I'm also a little unclear at what you're asking (is it permission?) because as long as you follow the usage rules as posted by stckr, you should be okay until they contact you.
Dude this actually true??? Cuz i play ur halo 5! Keep it up! I also am 15 years old and i've made a game too! But simpler on scratch. But keep up your dreams man!