my favorite about the ODST is more than one so here is my favorite:
  1. the armor
  2. being a ninja
  3. the after master cheif went delta halo and take the story of ODST
  4. meeting an AI
  5. termal tell you backstory before HALO 3 ODST
  6. And Firefight
What was your favorite thing that you like?
1. I liked walking around New Mombasa finding the intel
2. You're an ODST, you don't rely on your shields
3. I like it's story specifically since the events happens at the end of Halo 2's mission Metropolis
4. Firefight is fun & challenging
5. the levels are really fun especially Kikowani Station
i do like the AI fuse with the ailen
1. You drop out of the sky
2. You make big boom when you land
3. You're a badass when you don't need shields to hide from the enemies
4. Firefight (horde mode) makes for hilarious moments with friends when you are trying to clutch the last round
5. The story was heartfelt and even Wallace and Gromit took note of it and incorporated story elements,
6. Halo 3 feels, gameplay was smooth
Bonus: No sprinting

OG Halo is best Halo
  1. Open-world-esque gameplay around New Mombasa
  2. Adding to one, the immersiveness of the city
  3. The music - I added the whole ODST soundtrack to my Spotify library
  4. Introduction of Firefight
  5. This scene
  6. Wounded marine
ODST was one of my favorites.
1. The open world aspect of finding intel in New Mombasa
2. The story was rather interesting
3. Playing as an ODST was fun
Any halo with no sprint is good Halo :)