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Halo 4 Max Rank

OP Withyn3302

How long does it take to get there?
I think it's long because you have to go to SR130 to finihs the first stade, next you unlock the specializations that you have to rank up until the next specialization. You can see this in the Carreer tab
It didn't take me very long to hit max rank, I think I got it in less than a year, he grind it MUCH less painful than Halo 5s for sure XD
Withyn3302 wrote:
How long does it take to get there?
I don't remember the exact amount but the amount of time required for reaching the max rank in Halo 4 wasn't too bad. Few methods that can be used is to play through the Spartan Ops campaign (solo) few times (preferably in Easy difficulty) or to play 10 minute custom multiplayer games over and over again until you complete every single specialization.

To make the process slightly quicker, you can start with completing the Pioneer specialization which gives the Fast Track upgrade to the loadout which in turn gives improved xp payout by 20%.
I believe it can be done in 50-60 hours if you are efficient. Not too long.
It's not super long once you start reaching the Specializations. The first one to get, I don't remember if it is Pathfinder or Pioneer, first. It has a special ability that gives you bonus XP or something like that so basically it was pretty easy to rank up through the Specializations after that point. I think it took me like less than a month to his max rank...and it only took me that long because I didn't always play every day.