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Halo 4 McFarlane Toys

OP SoulxFigmentk

Look at how awesome they are! I'm expecting that High Ground will be in Halo 4 Multiplayer. I know that they hinted some map from a news page, but does it mean they'll be in the game or they're just playing fun with our curiousity? You know the saying "curiousity killed the cat"? Sometime you can't help but curious, but that's the fun of it!

McFarlane Toys from bs Angel's news page

Anyway, they are in their Prototype stage with an exclusive look. This news satisfied my search for a better view of Master Chief's new armor! I should expect more news to come out sometime in the future for the game and the toys! I'm grown up for crying out loud... I'm too old for toys but I still love 'em!
High Ground was a great map, so it's an option. Yeah, the action figures look great, too.
I really hope that isn't Chiefs final armor. Looks skimpy and dumb around the stomach.
I really hope that isn't Chiefs final armor. Looks skimpy and dumb around the stomach.
i like the new armor
I hope that isn't chiefs new armor...

if it is, they better explain in game wtf that's all about.

it looks like dirt bike helmets and pads...

I think he looks so bad-A lol i love it so much i like how they don't show weapons lol pluss anyone else think the drop pod is AMAZING i cant wait hahahaha.
I think the arms and stomach need a bit of beefing up on the Chief.
I like the chest plate and helmet changes however I think the thigh, waist and arms need to be covered up more. Also his armored gloves need to come back. Also move the shoulder armour up to the shoulder. Other than that I like the new look but so far it's too bare and skimpy he looks more covenant.

I have faith in you 343, keep up the good work.
Looks good and canonical.
lets remember this is a plastic toy that has ball joints... chief will look beefier and stronger trust me.