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Halo: 4 servers

OP RuggyBunnyYT

Hello, Ruggy here, I just want to say that it seems like the Halo 4 Matchmaking servers are usually dead or people can't load into a lobby, it has became a regular probably for me and i am just wondering if anybody else is having the same problem.
if you are talking about halo4 xbox360, indeed, there are few players, it takes a long time to find users. and when I play with friends it disconnects me from multiplayer, I have to restart the game to be able to enter multiplayer.
This seems to have been a common problem for a while. I recently picked up a used copy of H4 for my 360 and have been thoroughly frustrated with the functions that require Live. I have had a lot more luck with Spartan Ops than War Games, although I have not tried to do any matchmaking on Spartan Ops. Seems like there's just a lot of bugs and 343 isn't planning on doing anything about it. Best of luck!