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  • Make SWAT and Snipers Permanent Playlists
  • Bring back Standard FFA (with hint of Objective)
  • Remove Join in Progress from certain Playlists (SWAT, Snipers, Slayer Pro)
  • Fix Matchmaking Lobby glitch (when you leave after a match it counts as DNF for next match)
  • Make games queue until correct number of Players are present (6 Minimum in Most Playlists)
  • Remove Radar, Instant Respawn and SitRec (kill cam) From Team Snipers
  • Remove Instant Respawn and SitRec from SWAT
  • Consolidate CTF, KOTH, Oddball into one Objective Playlist
  • Add Team Doubles, Multi-Team, Grifball and Action Sack Playlists
  • Make Infection, Juggernaut, Race and VIP Gametypes available for Custom Games
  • Add a Classic Playlist (Not like Slayer Pro) with Classic Settings, and Classic Halo Forge Remakes.
  • Make guns UNSCOPE when fired upon, Remove Flinch
  • Add Ranked Playlists where VISIBLE (playlist specific) rank appears along side Progressive SR
  • Make Zoom possible in Monitor Mode
  • Add Micro Edit Feature from Reach (Hold Crouch to Slow the rate of movement)
  • Fix Monitor Mode HUD (after you return to Monitor Mode from being a Spartan Your HUD remains as a Spartans, Not a big deal but it bugs me :P)
  • Add more Forge Environments with NEW (not re-skinned/ recycled) Structure Pieces with future DLC
  • Raise Ceiling Barrier on Ravine
Added more ideas, A LOT of vehicles have been suggested

ps Please read the OP BEFORE posting! I am seeing MANY suggestions already on the OP.
Add this to OP also - Teammates Service Tag Lashes Yellow when in Combat or Firing Weapon. Flashes Orange when taking damage, and of course red X (as listed in OP) when teammate dies.
Fix the flood they are too over powered.
New part of OP: DLC

Thanks for the help everyone. I'm surprized no one did this before.

I wonder if this thread will get stickied.
Fix the flood they are too over powered.
As a rebuttle, I have seen flood easily picked off at a distance by the pistol. It really depends on if you can hold them off with both the pistol AND shotgun.

But you DO have a point. Maybe the humans should just gain an advantage. IDK, if someone could elaborate and give a good idea how, I'll gladly add this to the OP.
I want a classic playlist, it would be awesome, a lot better than team snipers, I've no idea why they chose that out of all the things they could have added.
I want a classic playlist, it would be awesome, a lot better than team snipers, I've no idea why they chose that out of all the things they could have added.
More gamemodes: Team Doubles, Multi-Team, MLG, Team Classic, Extraction, Rumble Pit, Juggernaut, Assault, Race, VIP,

But I DO agree with you. Classic would be epic. Next time, just don't suggest something already in the OP.

You can quote someone if it's not in the OP and say you like it or just say your thoughts on the subject and how it should work.

But adding a suggestion already present in the OP makes me confused and slows down update time.
Idea for BR:
If you just buff it to 4sk, it'll be too strong. What I suggest is to increase the spread a bit and make it 4 shots to take down shields BUT, if the 4th shot is a headshot, it's a kill. It works the same way for the light rifle except it's 5sk.
By increasing the spread, you will assure that DMR stays dominant at longer ranges and by not taking down shields in 3 shots, automatic rifles won't be underpowered.

Covenant Carbine needs also a shorter reload time. It has the least damage per magazine but more than twice as long reload time as DMR. My suggestion is one less shot to take down shields and either 23 rounds in magazine or reload time same as DMR.

Regeneration field doesn't need faster regen rate. I don't use it as a "regeneration field", I use it just for triggering the shield recharge. I think it's this way on purpose. You only need to touch the field in order for your shields to start recharging. While inside the field, your shields will regenerate slower but forever. This makes it very tricky for DMR users, because missing one shot means having to take down shields again. BR doesn't need to worry about it, because it can kill people with shields still on.

More accurate killcams would only cause more lag.

Pulse grenade needs something changed. First, I don't see why you should only get 1 pulse grenade in the loadout. Also, it either needs to take down shields faster, or cause massive damage to people touching the field while it colapses. As it is now, people straight up ignore the grenade and walk through the field as if it was causing flowers to grow faster.

In Forge, they absolutely NEED to remove the annoying sound you hear while being in monitor mode. I can't stand it and I know I'm not the only one... It's the reason why I don't forge at all.

Glitch I found: Sometimes after using Regeneration field, the field is visible, my AA is recharging but the field doesn't regenerate shields. Happens randomly.
By 4sk, I meant 4 headshots, like how it's currently 5 headshots or a 5sk
Scattershot : needs a slight buff in damage. For it to be a one shot kill, you need to me within melee range. The Boltshot has a better damage for it's range...

SAW : needs a slight accuracy nerf. The thing can be used at too long of a range as it is at the moment.

Chaingun Warthog : It needs either a slight damage boost or firing speed boost. Either way, it doesn't do enough damage per second. A small buff is all it needs, nothing major.

Gauss Warthog : It's still a tad too powerful. Make it shoot a bit slower, and it'll be fine.
Fix assassinations.

I've had situations where I've gotten out of assassinations for zero reason besides it was a glitch as well as I've witnessed others breaking out of assassinations single handed.
Added, txs for the heads up on the assassination. I forgot about that one.

Remember: Anything that was suggested and not added had either:

a. Insufficient reasons
b. Not a reasoning I could agree with.
By 4sk, I meant 4 headshots, like how it's currently 5 headshots or a 5sk
In Halo 3, damage multiplier would be active even if players had shields.
Since Reach, damage multipliers aren't active when shields are up. That means no matter where you shoot, the damage done to shields stays the same. In other words, you can headshot a player only once his shields are down. So it is very important to know how many hits you need to fully take down shields, because with the DMR or Carbine, you must take down shields fully before headshot.
BR and light rifle, however, are capable of shooting through shields, being a 3 rounds burst weapons. They only need one round out of those three to hit the head in order to score a headshot.
Light rifle (unzoomed) has lower firerate (irrelevant to topic) and lower damage than BR or DMR. It needs 5 shots to the body in order take down shields. After 4th shot, the player has still small amount of shield on. But if you aim the 5th shot for the head, it's a headshot.
This is what I want applied for BR, except in 4 shots to kill. The thing is, that even at farther mid-range, BR will overpower DMR if it's 4sk. That's why I suggest increasing the spread.
This is the only way how I can see the BR being buffed without becoming too powerful and deeming automatic weapons pretty much useless. DMR would lose it's point, since we've already got Light Rifle for mid-long range, which - when zoomed - can take down shields in 3 shots.
The only reasonable alternative is decreasing firerate of DMR (but then again, we'd have to see how it performs compared to the Light Rifle. Also, DMR would completely lose it's point in SWAT).
IMHO 343 just isn't going to make the BR 3 shots to take down shields.

to Hotrod192: SAW is a power weapon, just like rocket launcher or needler. Power weapons are meant to overpower loadout weapons. Plain and simply, if you're going with SAW against BR or AR, it's not supposed to be a fair fight.
Instead of making a new thread, maybe you could've posted your ideas in one of the several similar threads that already existed?
Instead of making a new thread, maybe you could've posted your ideas in one of the several similar threads that already existed?
What other similar threads? Majority of the threads here are blind rants. The rest are mostly concentrating on one single issue.
Please make custom controls or put sprint back to LB for the Boxer settings. Sprinting with the B button is ruining my Halo 4 experience.
Spartan Ops
  • performance: instead of making dropped weapons disappear so quickly, reduce the draw distance for objects, marking things like ammo, vehicles, and some enemies with distinct waypoints
  • balancing: don't use Co-op scaling for Solo Legendary
  • balancing: fix the -Yoinking!- spawns. It's annoying to be spawned so far away or so close to the battle. At least give us some height advantage (would be the most tolerable place to spawn) so we can enter a battle differently rather than being engaged immediately
  • combat: mix up the Covies and Prometheans. But don't just spam power weapon wielders
  • combat: take note of the T&R wave battle on the ship and the Cairo Station hangar battles. The enemies spawned over time. It didn't matter how many you killed, they still spawned. There ought to be levels with these kind of battles because I can camp 90% of the time in SO, only being threatened by enemies rushing my position, spawning at the objective, or using power weapons (Scattershot, Binary Rifle, Fuel Rod Gun)
  • combat: put more assets on Valhalla instead of making us go back and forth. 50% of the level is not being used. These extra areas should have non-respawning enemies that yield advantageous utilities (or access to vehicles, weapon caches, etc.) if you take the time to kill them
  • general: more scale. The super carrier on Valhalla was just so small and distant (hell I didn't even see it until the end of the level) compared to the ones in Halo 2, 3, and Reach
As far as I know, it was a cruiser, not a super carrier.

The draw distance for a lot of objects is already low enough as it is. Reducing it further would be very unpleasing for the eye. Disappearing weapons are not HW issue, they are part of the game's mechanics. If a player is standing nearby those weapons, they will never disappear. If there's nobody around, they'll go after 10 seconds.
Actually, a few guys tested it, it does do some extra damage to shields with headshots
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