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Actually, a few guys tested it, it does do some extra damage to shields with headshots
I've been testing all of the weapons myself and haven't noticed this. I will test it again and share the results...
I suggest putting more effort into map creation. Th maps are absolutely hor-ri-bull!!! Take a look at Halo2 and even some Halo 3 maps to get an idea of how to make maps. Every other map is a mountain or canyon, booooring. The creativity is gone with Halo maps these days, I'm disappointed
Tested it and found out nothing. A shot to the leg is the same as shot to the head. You can also kill people by shooting them in the gun and SAW is effective even at sniper range (as long as you can aim at such range without scope :P)
Also had a look at the pulse grenade. If you manage to hit a guy with it, the initial blast will take out almost all of his shields. It takes, however, the entire time of the grenade's effect to actually kill. That means that in order to kill them with just the grenade, they'd have stand in it and not move. Considering the damage of the sphere itself is pretty low, I just don't understand why you only get one in the loadout.
Another thing I never noticed - The concussion rifle has pretty large impact radius. Almost like the FRG but with less damage of course.
There's two pretty minor improvements I would actually like to see.

1) when using the fishstick button layout, which maps the aim button to the left trigger, I really would like to see the analog functionality of the left trigger be utilized. Rather than clicking it multiple times to zoom, it would be much nicer to have the option to hold it half way for half-zoom and all the way for full zoom. Having to multiple times to get to the right level of zoom, especially on the analog trigger, isn't very convenient. Almost even seems broken but it doesn't really seem like a big change to add that option in there.

2) This is something that affects gameplay a bit more but I really think that, when to players both try to melee each other, both melee attacks should cancel each other out(much like the swords already function now). Seems kind of silly and a not very fun mechanic to have both players die when they both hit each other with melee attacks.
My suggestions/complaints:

1) No assault? Why? I need assault. One bomb, neutral bomb, and multi-bomb were all great funt seems senseless that they're gone.

2) No 1 flag? Why are there no offense-defense modes In Halo 4? One sided games were always my favorite. I was very dissapointed to see they took away both Assault AND 1 flag. Why? Please put them back in. Halo 4 is sorely lacking without them.

3)Juggernaut? Regicide is a poor substitute. It isn't the same.

4) VIP? Seriously, this is ridiculous. WHY WOULD YOU TAKE AWAY VIP.

5) Multi-Team should be a permanent playlist rather than SWAT.

6) No Big Team Objective? Ugh...

7) Warthog Chaingun is too weak, it desperately needs a damage buff.

8) DMR easily beats all the other loadout weapons (save the Light Rifle at long range). Carbine needs to be 7shot kill, and maybe a bigger mag (perhaps slightly decrease fire rate to compensate), unscoped light rifle needs to down shields in 4 bursts rather than 5, suppressor needs an increase in range (you need to be SOOOO close for the suppressor to have even a chance to winning over anything else), Battle Rifle may need a slight dmg boost to combat DMR too. Assault Rifle is fine, I think Storm Rifle deserves a bigger time to fire before cooldown required.

9) Boltshot needs a decrease in its effective range (I feel like the Boltshot wins out over Shotty and scattershot many times).

10) 2 pulse grenades to start, not 1.
I think they should up the damage of the assault rifle just a smudge cuz if u go in a fight against anything else... You die
And i am currently SR130
Please make some more specializations also!!
My only goal right now is to get protector and protector drft helmet
So a new specialization would be great!!!
Here are a few quick suggestions I believe are vital for better online/MM game play...

1) Allow parties to be visible in the pregame lobby. There is currently no way to tell if your opponents/teammates are partied up or not. HUGE DISADVANTAGE

2) Weapon spawns on Slayer, BTB & both regicide game types needs to be increased (especially heavy & mid grade weapons). Many times your ordnance is of no help, and weapons don't spawn often enough for the game to have that competitive nature you want.

3) The Flood are too strong in the Flood game type. The thruster pack is too powerful and allows the Flood way to much control of the game. Decrease health as well as thruster pack ability to even the odds.

4) This might be a long shot but I really think they should bring back Campaign scoring, medals and XP. I know there was issues with farming in Reach, but if you did it right you should be able to prevent this. With the way it stands now, once the campaign is completed there is no real incentive to go back and re-play.
I would like some more vehicles in some of the next DLCs For example,The falcon can be used for big team game types. Mostly because I play with friends and most of the time in halo 4 we seem to do our own thing. But if they add the falcon we can all play together and have twice as much fun. The falcon is a great team vehicle. Maybe if you guys can think of promethean vehicles that could be used in multiplayer would make multiplayer a lot more interesting.

I would also like bigger maps with high structures that can be climbed . If you could bring back Spire, I , and most of my fellow Halo fans would be very pleased. It would be a great map for the falcon. I absolutely loved this map in Halo Reach. If it were to be brought back into Halo 4 Most Halo fans would probably be quite pleased. The Spire had lots of things Halo fans enjoy, Assassinations, Snipers, Skyjacks ,Jetpack use, and many ordinances such as the rocket launcher and the fuel rod canon. If they could make a map that has risks of falling onto a battlefield below would be awesome.
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