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Halo ce campaign Flamethrower?

OP Akshat117

So i was just messing qround with the map file for keyes in pc and in the weapon tags section there i saw that there was supposed to be a flamethrower in the mission, even the base min and max damage are all there. Intriguing how would this have played out? Maybe it was for the lower level battles or maybe to destroy the proto gravemind.
Maybe it got cut because it would have been to OP for all the Flood.
The Flamethrower and Fuel Rod Cannon were included in the PC version but I'm guessing there were some bugs that couldn't be fixed in time for the release deadline. It's one of those things that didn't take priority. Thinking about it, early in the campaign you are prompt to melee a half opened door to continue on. To me, that seemed like something you'd need to remember later on in the campaign. Areas that would require a melee or two in order to move some debris in order to advance. I don't think that was ever applied at another point in time anywhere else.
I could see the flamethrower fitting in:
  • Once you get into the hanger area of "Keyes" and are fighting up the levels of the hanger bay, 1 flamethrower would get you through some parts and not have enough ammo to be OP for the area as you'd be facing some of the Elite (in rank) covenant squads at that point.
  • Anywhere in "The Maw" as its the UNSC ship, should be some flamethrower somewhere....
According to this:

The flamethrower was meant to be held by combat forms and you were supposed to get it from them. You were also originally going to burn Captain Keyes' skull out of the protogravemind instead of just punching it.

Considering how the camera actually hides most of what's going on in this scene, I'd say they were rushing this out the door and removed the more complex scene. We know this game was rushed as Bungie meant to have 10 distinct maps, but the last 3 missions are all other missions maps with minor tweaks.
I believe the flame thrower and fuel rod were both cut content
Oh man just thinking about it seems OP. Flood don't belong in the oven.