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[Locked] Halo: Reach 2

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It would be cool to have a reach game on other characters.
They could do it on blue team if they did.
the Eric Nylund fall of reach book got the best story halo offers us oh and bungie Halo Reach story was the best stand alone game story i thought 343i would understand that every Halo campain needs random matchmaking but they took steps back from the good halo games and did no sence stories pvp didnt make h1 great it was the pve part and from there a journey was born bungie never wanted to finish because they had an idea for destiny a game that have a nice setting and no story a cash cow 4 the story??
they can make Halo Reach 2 play as Blue Team u would see noble 6 again
sounds good
although the main characters no longer be but it would be a good idea depending on their adaptation
I'm interested in more of what the gameplay would be more than the story. (Shame on him!)...

Halo Reach had the seconds most sales in the whole game series. I loved the gameplay and the customization on Halo: Reach and would do anything to get that type of gameplay back. [Make customizing elites more in depth tho] [I'm begging Microsoft to add Halo: Reach to PC]
I think the storylines are the best part of halo because if it wasn't for the storylines then we wouldn't have halo as we know it.
So, you'd have a game where you are a spartan watching humanity trying to rebuild? Sounds poo too me.
I would love just a Reach remake though, like all HD'd up.
How about other planets attacked by the covenant, by the time the Halo CE event was occurring. The tittle would be something like: "Halo Reach: ODST"
I'm not here to diss your dreams but its probly never going to happen since Halo: Combat Evolved is the next game in the sequence for the story progression and 343 now owns it so the story may not be what you wanted.
But there is a possibility of there being a remastering of Halo Reach which I am all for.
But then again a man can dream so dream on my friend!
Maybe if it picked up directly after Halo Reach and you controlled Jun and we got to see what he was doing after he took off with Dr. Halsey. That could be pretty cool.
Mr JVacha wrote:
There would be nothing to it. It would be a game of rebuilding things and planting flowers. Have fun with that game bro lol.
Haha 'Planting Flowers'
I'm not sure how a Reach 2 would work. The story seemed pretty complete after the first one. If they can find a way to do it I would definitely buy it. They should keep the same art style and gameplay from the original. Also bring back Reach's customization options.

How about maybe not Reach 2 but another game with Noble Six? He did lots of work before Reach. It would be nice to do some of his assassination missions. Would be a cool opportunity for a Halo stealth game. Silenced weapons and blades for silent take downs. You could bring back things like the active camouflage from Reach as a spartan ability again. Missions could be done alone or Co-op.

He also did testing for the Sabre. Not very stealthy but it's an idea that could be explored.

Just a thought. I really like Six and would love to play as him one more time.
Probably we never see a Halo Reach 2 but a Remaster of Reach maybe a Halo Reach Anniversary?
Well I guess they could make a follow up to the events from Halo Reach and you could play as different soldiers from an ODST squad that was left behind and you could play as different characters from that squad, but is very unlikely that 343 would make a game like this. I would love to see that game though.
Halo reach should have a followup because it was the best halo of them all and frankly I do not care about the story as much as long as i get more reach
Drahicr wrote:
i like to think you don't die at the end of reach but are severely wounded and then captured because you know something the covenant want and are the last person alive on the entire planet...or so you think...

fades out


you wake up in a covenant prison on reach now renamed some covenant name...

you are in the prison with several other soldiers, eventually you make a break and find some new weapons and go about forming a small resistance and eventually set off a nuke that decimates the covenant presence on the planet

the survivors fall back to the mysterious mountain, the soldiers follow

something is found

something opens...

soliders find the plans for the first halo and a map of the ring system

covenant strike and blow up the computer, stealing the plans.....

soldiers chase them through the ruins of the reach, across glassed areas, eventually they track down the leader and get the plans but are killed, the plans are lost

the lone survivor (again), you steal a ship and flee the planet and set a course for earth....


you then pop up in halo 6 :P
Is it the actually story of Reach and the Squad you guys want a sequel to?, or would a game that features the same gameplay, atmosphere, themes, and design still be good enough?
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