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[Locked] Halo: Reach Detailed Web Stats Retirement - 3/1/18

OP ske7ch

Hey folks – As some of you may have noticed, yesterday afternoon Halo: Reach detailed stats were turned off on Halo Waypoint. This morning the web team turned Reach stats back on again to give us an opportunity to provide some additional context and notice to players.

In the interest of full transparency, this work was always planned but we got our wires crossed internally and did not alert players before the change was made. It’s always our goal to be upfront with our community and avoid these types of surprises so please read on for some important information about changes coming to Halo: Reach detailed stats on Halo Waypoint in the near future.

What’s going on?
Halo: Reach detailed web stats are being retired in light of aging hardware issues and evolving customer privacy and security requirements across Microsoft. It’s important to note here that there will be NO IMPACT TO GAMEPLAY OR YOUR ABILITY TO PLAY HALO: REACH. Your high level stats summary will still be displayed but detailed stats will no longer be accessible on

After spending time to assess and investigate, the decision was made to retire online detailed web stats as the game was built in a different era using old hardware, systems, and code that just doesn’t scale to meet the requirements of the future. It’s worth noting that while there is still a healthy population of players who continue to play Reach each month, only a tiny fraction of those players access their stats on Halo Waypoint nowadays. We regret that some players will be impacted by this change but appreciate the longstanding support and engagement shown by the Halo: Reach community and look forward to focusing resources on brand new Halo experiences in the future.

What exactly is being impacted?
Absolutely nothing within the game itself will be impacted by this change. You can still play Reach and enjoy all of the modes the game has to offer, both offline and online, alone or with friends, on Xbox 360 or Xbox One. The impact to players is that you will no longer be able to see detailed Halo: Reach stats on Your high level stats summary will still be displayed but detailed stats will no longer be accessible on the site. You can continue to view detailed stats via the Halo: Reach in-game Service Record.

When is this happening?
We’re planning to retire the Halo: Reach web stats on Thursday, March 1, 2018. If you’d like to capture or archive any of your stats history, please do so before March 1st.

But I can still play Halo Reach, right?
Yes! Again, there is zero impact to the game itself and your detailed stats will continue to be visible via the in-game Service Record. After March 1st, you’ll no longer be able to access detailed stats on Halo Waypoint.