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Halo Reach DLC Achievement Boosting Request

OP AceReflect

Hey everyone!

With MCC coming to PC soon and having recently bought Live again to play Reach, I've been wanting to close out my remaining Reach achievements.

My gamertag is AceReflect, hit me up if you want to coordinate a boosting session!
I keep trying to make this happen with other players but it never pans out. I don't have most of the MP achievements that you are missing either. I'm on Pacific time in California and I'm still on the 360 although I plan to get a Xbox One in the near future if that's an issue.
Id be down!
But I’m gone for 2 more weeks...
I only have 1 achievement left in the whole game!
Sure add me I have 4 controllers or I could just do the achievement mod to unlock all the achievements for you
@Gilbert Prime I'm still up for it, I'll add you and OP right now.
Hi Geoffyz,

Are the Xbox Live systems for the 360 and One compatible? I sent you a friend request via the 360 a few days ago but if you're on the One then you probably didn't get it. Likewise the One's Friends and Party apps won't reach me. We may have to coordinate a time and then send out game/party invites using the old fashioned Xbox 360 Guide.
Hit me up. I need tons more.
GT - PHD Jellybeans
Hey there PHD. I got your friend request and added you to my list. Let's make this happen!
Is anyone still trying to boost, if anyone still is my gamer tag is TheSquirrel0618 feel free to message me up. I am down and would like to finish off the achievements for this game
I need just one last achievement, it's the last survivor one for a defiant map in infection.
Add my GT : CantonBrowncoat I'm down to help