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Halo Reach Hot Pursuit


Is Hot Pursuit still a popular game mode in Reach? I remember that -Yoink- was always poppin could fill a lobby in seconds... I made a hot pursuit called Hot Pursuit City, i think it was called, it was one of the most downloaded maps of the week -Yoink- was fun, the good ol days :p
I can't say I've ever heard of that gametype though I wasn't huge into custom games either. There's one way to find out once Halo Reach is added to MCC.
I dont know if its still popular today, but oh my, it was amazing back then, it was a ton of fun with a full lobby, hopefully someone got it on their file share for the transfer, I cant wait for the PC release and to have that game alive again, hopefully I see some old friends getting it as well, we all have those friends that stopped playing and stopped talking to, but this, this could get people together again
I still play it from time to time with my friends online. One of them has made a few Hot Pursuit maps.