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OP RorschachMRH

I was making a MACHINIMA on Halo Reach, but as most of my friends and crew went on Halo 5 and Xbox One, I had to end the thing, however, due to the technological advances of the Cbox One and backwards compatibility, I am able to restart the machinima, I am in need of some body actors, who can follow instructions, be diligent, who will not mess around and who are interested, you must have a microphone, and the Military Police Helmet would make things much more easier, tell your friends and message me back if you are interested.
Damn i would have helped but i don't have the mil police helmet on this account
I may be willing to make exceptions, if necessary.
do you want me to message you on xbox then?
If that's your tag, then I will know already, but if it is something different then please do.
Its the same tag i have sent you a message and friend request