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Halo Tracker for Reach

OP Krauzer 72

Anyone have any issues viewing their updated Halo Tracker stats for Reach? Mine hasn't been updated since January 31st. I know that Waypoint's Reach stats have been down since that time too. Perhaps they're both connected to each other?
Yea i cant view mine on the xbox 360 app or on the browser not sure if its coming back tbh :(
I sure hope it comes back, it's not like 343 industries would discontinue something without notifying us :/
Yea, i'm sure they wouldn't just shut it down without notice especially since people clearly still care about it.
I hope they bring it back
There have been plenty people the haven't been able to check their stats on waypoint or tracker, myself included. I've posted on the main thread that's located in the support forums but as of yet no one from 343 has given us an update on it.
I figured as much. I did indeed read your post too. I just have never seen it down for as long as it has been. Anyway, thanks for your comment.