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Hopefully a movie


So I just wanted to get other opinions. I believe since halo 4 came out this franchise is gonna go nuts an I believe before halo 6 comes out they might actually have the halo movie . This is not facts or anything I just believe that now with halo 4 out they might be able to actually push for the full length film not a short film such as forward unto dawn . I hope they make a film an it's the story of how the chief came to be in halo 4 such as the beginning is him as a kid just like in the book the fall of reach and then it progresses from there but it follows the fall of reach in the beginning showing chiefs squad and all that like Kelly lol don't bash what would you think ?:)

Edit- on an iPhone sorry for grammar
Don't bump please, and we did get one already!
Sorry I'm new here! And that wasn't a movie it was a wanna be movie, I talkin like Peter Jackson full length movie a good 2 1/2 hours or something.