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How many of you are truly enjoying Halo 4?

OP Maedalaane

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Let me just say that this thread is not created to be solely negative but it is just a poll I wanna take to see how many of you are actually waking up every day and truly wanting to play this game. I'll be honest, I am hardly enjoying this game at all. I also don't want to hear the 'be patient' thing either, I have never tried harder in my entire life to like a video game. It just seems that this game has so many obvious flaws that just keep creeping up on me constantly and I can't enjoy gaming hard in H4 like I did in H1-H3.

So with that being said, how do you feel about this game?
The only way I can somewhat enjoy playing this game for more than 2 matches is if I have music blasting distracting me from the game. Without that it just doesn't keep my interest with all the problems it has. I hate to say it and I told myself I would never buy another one after the sequel that came out on 2009, but Black Ops 2 is a lot more fun.
Thing is, it isn't as simple as yes or no for a lot of us. Personally, I find multiplayer to be atrocious, but forging maps, and playing on them in customs is great. There are certainly areas they can improve on regarding darn near everything for sure.
This game Rocks in my View I have no complaints =)
I like it, but it could use more/better maps.
i enjoy the game alot. I do admit that it needs 3 things to keep my interest.

Spartan ops. This REALLY made me love the games story telling capacity.
MLG/arena play list
Team action sack - So like, throw in the mix of team fiesta like a game type of nothing but rail guns? or needlers... silly things for people who wanna LAUGH at the game while playing not be super serious

Also, team snipers... I liked snipers for the most part.

griffball and improved versions of flood. And forge maps would be awesome.
This game rocks it is a lot more complete then the previous gsmes and had more story to it
Unlike sorry bungies focus on fps I loved the focus on your mission and john and cortana's story

Also the option to extend the campaign with dlc very week spartan ops of course now that season1 is over I gotta wait for season 2
I'm lovin it!
After playing this game for about a month and a half, I can truthfully say that I enjoy the game a lot. However, they need a Halo 2/3 ranking system; they can't just leave us to rank up only up to SR-130. After about only a month, I'm almost at SR-130.. If they're not going to put another ranking system in the game, then I would have to admit that I would prefer Halo:Reach's ranking system over Halo 4's.
I enjoy the game when im teamed up with my friend, but playing solo gets boring pretty fast for me. My main gripes were that the campaign felt too short and uneventful, and the music makes me want to go to sleep. Now when i play, i soundtrack the Halo 2 Soundtrack that i have saved on my hard drive.

Sure there are a ton of other issues, but i really felt let down by the Campaign. As long as im teamed up with my friend, we can have quite a bit of fun with all the crazy stuff that happens in matchmaking, but i don't have the heart to play it solo as much as i played the other games solo.

Looking forward to more maps and updates and see where it goes from there.
Nope. At least BF3, Minecraft, and The Walking Dead entertain me.
It's not perfect but it's my favorite edition so far.
I think this game is great! I get bored after a few matches when I'm playing solo but if I'm with friends, I could play for hours!
I truly enjoy this game way more than Reach (I don't hate Reach but it's easily my least favorite in the series)
I was disgusted at first. But the more I played, the more I enjoyed it.

At this point, I just love Halo 4 now.
I was internet connection messed up T.T Ihavn't played in over 2 weeks
Love it, I like warming up with some Spartan Ops then jumping into a game. Halo 4 could not keeled me hooked for hours but I do enjoy a good few games.
Halo 4 fails to keep my attention for more than a few games. I really do not enjoy Halo 4, i hope 343 can salvage this game but i am highly doubtful.
No. As someone who loves vehicles and Big Team Battle, I must admit that I don't like this game. The gameplay is unbalanced (the DMR is overpowered while the Warthog is USLESS),and resembles CoD too much. I think 343 sacrificed the vehicle gameplay in an attempt to seduce CoD players, betraying people like me.
Besides, Halo 4 lacks a huge forge world and essential custom games options.
Can you put in a "so-so" option? I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.
I try not to be a part of the "Im a jaded gamer who isnt impressed by anything" club so yes, I enjoy this game its great! ^_^
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