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How was your first experience with Halo CE flood?

OP MasterChiefVIP

How did you feel about your very first introduction and experience with the flood? Horror? Fascination? Bone chilling, nerve wracking, blood freezing, nightmare fuel? Not surprised like another zombie/enemy to fight? I'm curious about others' thoughts about the flood and their relationship with such concepts, especially at an early age.
Not going to lie I was way to young to play it at the time of Halo CE release. It was a horrific bone chilling experience but I loved every second of it as it changed the whole atmosphere of the game and even let you play some of the other missions you went through before. Would of been cool to see a Silent Cartographer flood mission.
I played it a few days ago, and I still got scared from it. It was my first ACTUAL time beating the mission, so I guess that's my first.
BOI, I still remember that. Back in 2013, I had finally gotten my 360 paired with CEA. My 12 year-old me blasted through everything on easy (Was my first FPS game ever. Used to play platformers, especially Sonic) and I just generally loved it... until 343 Guilty Spark. When I entered the level, I was like, "oh ok, another mission, time to kill more bad guys". But as I progressed, something felt wrong. Why were there no Elites like we were guaranteed to find in every squad in the earlier levels? Why the creepy music? Then when I got to the entrance and saw the AR shots flying, I got a little relieved believing that the Marines were simply kicking it... until I saw there were no Marines. As I advanced through the rooms, I was getting more afraid until I reached THAT room. At that point I got to afraid and quit the game.
The next day, I gained courage to proceed through the game. So I boot up the console -> Game -> Resume. When the Flood was revealed, I got SCARED Yoinkless as to not say anything else. I ran frenetically in the rooms while firing my weapon against the Flood forms. When I got the Shotgun, I felt more relieved but was still scared regardless. I felt a huge relief once I linked up with the Marines squad outside. After the song started, I knew I had to go outside. So I loaded up and rushed as fast as I could aimlessly. I had no idea where to go but I eventually found my way. I felt a huge relief too when the Sentinels appeared out of nowhere and starting shooting at the Flood, thinking it were some human drones. Then, that floating lightbulb appeared and was like "oh dis?"

Damn, I recall that being my first horror experience too. How come that such a fun shooter where shooting the aliens was so satisfying turned into a horror game in a snap of a finger lol.
Well it went about as well as you could expect when being attacked by killer popcorn.

In all seriousness, the atmosphere of the level was great. Up until that point, it's just the Covenant. Sgt Johnson, Captain Keyes and their squad have all gone MIA. What could the Covenant have had at that weapons cache that could have slaughtered them so quickly?

A downed Pelican dropship indicates an emergency landing of sorts, perhaps due to weapons fire? There's also a downed Spirit dropship, perhaps taken down by Keyes and the Marines? No, somethings not right. Why are the Covenant fleeing? Friendly blips appear on the motion tracker, perhaps they've beat the Covenant back. The sound of MA5B AR fire, they must be still fighting within the structure. Yet there's no radio chatter, perhaps their radio's are down?

Down the elevator, there's damage to the Forerunner structures and fragmented small squads of Covenant troops. Clearly a battle had been fought here, further evident by the trail of bodies. Crossing the Forerunner light bridge, something isn't right. Blood spatter against the walls, bodies of dead Marines...are we too late?

<PVT W. Jenkins Helmet Cam Footage/Cutscene>

A new type of Covenant? No. They're unlike anything we've fought in the game up until now. The sound of doors breaking open, the same creatures that overwhelmed the Marines appear. Quick bursts of MA5B fire put them down easily. They pop harmlessly against the shields of the MARK V, the Marines aren't afforded such luxury.

Then the door you entered from opens to reveal the truth. Hordes of mutated Elites and Humanoids enter the room. Resilient and quick, they prove to be far more deadly and their tentacles protruding from their arms indicate close combat should be avoided at all an enclosed structure. We have to get out of here.

Leaving the room, we quickly establish just how chaotic the situation is. Covenant troops being effortlessly decimated by the Flood and a small fireteam of Marines are running for their lives. Attempts to save the Marines prove futile, there's far too many of these creatures and they fall.

Escaping the structure, we find 2nd Squad. They've been battling the Flood for hours. All that's left to do is to escape to ECHO 419. We proceed through the swamp, it seems quiet...something's not right. Then the motion tracker goes crazy, there's red blips all around us and the creatures launch yet another assault. Slowly, the Marines fell one by one until only a handful remain. We reach the structure as instructed but ECHO 419 hasn't arrived yet. Where is the Pelican? We attempt to hold out but we're surrounded. Then these floating mechanical things appear, are they hostile? No, they're attacking the creatures too. The Marines are barely holding on.

<End Cutscene>

That's pretty much what it was for me back in the early 2000's.
The 2001 original for me lol cuz I was 11..I remember going to school and taking about how to get through the level with my buddy’s and who’s house we were going to so we could do a legendary play through (the glory days)