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I beat Halo 3: ODST!

OP l Saro l

Last time I played this game was after it’s release but before halo reach’s release. Beat the campaign and it was so fun. Favorite character is Romeo because he is the sniper and my favorite scene was in the epilogue when sgt. Johnson gave the lighter to the engineer. Truly an amazing game and wished I played it back then a lot more. 10/10 will play on legendary next time.
Congrats my friend, I still have fond memories of my first run a decade ago. Good luck with your legendary run, just remember you are no longer a spartan so take it cautious!
ODST was something special. It was the Firefly reunion I could never have dreamed of as it happened in something else I love, Halo.

Looking forward to my next play through before Infinite!
that halo is one of my favorites
I never liked odst way to short and too different from being a spartan for me but i did kind of grow to like it i felt like for £60 at release it was yay too much
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I liked the music a lot and my favorite mission is Delta Hive. I also liked all the characters and the Mombasa Streets missions, and finding audio logs is pretty fun.
halo 3 odst is really one of my favorite halo.
Odst really sets a unique feeling in comparison to other halo titles. It may have been short but something delicious is often so, one of my fav gaming experiences ive had started on the original xbox360 with it and recently went back on pc its an awesome pc port. The higher resolution and frame rate boosts bring life to this old gem, could've been released yesterday and I wouldn't have noticed a difference.

The sense of loneliness, and isolation isn't often found in games to the extent I can feel like im there reminds me of Half life 2 and that's a really good positive.
I can honestly say ODST is my most played through Halo, just in front of Reach. Something about the atmosphere, music and just everything. Damn. Now I want to play it again.
Wish I could play ODST for the first time :/
Such an amazing campaign, I hope 343 releases spin offs based on lore in the Halo universe
Odst is amazing glad you enjoyed it.
Congratulation, spartan !
Romeo is the man!~
I actually beat Halo 3: ODST really recently. I thought the story was engaging and mysterious, and the gameplay was great. The music can get creepy and ominous, while other music tracks sound awesome and blood-pumping. Overall, it was a great time. Also, I'm not a bot. I just like responding to forums.
Odst is definitely my favorite, the mombasa streets is the best. So many covie patrols to ambush. Good luck on legendary.
Good job!