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I just lost all of my specializations.

OP Duuuhh

(I bought the LE). So about 5 minutes ago i looked at my specializations and i had all 8 of them. Now I just checked and only have Wetwork and operator.
Sorry for asking this in your thread but :

how do you unlock them? I bought the LE but I dont have them available. Do I need to put in something else than the code for the prime armor?
I put the main code that unlocked the emblem/armor skin/wep skin and the season pass. All 8 should be unlocked.
They are all locked on mine :S

2nd thing 343 screws up for me
Same thing happened to me just dashboard it will come back when you get back on.
are you SR 50? no? shut up then and wait to see.
did you try resetting your xbox...? my artcic BR disappeared and i reset my xbox and it was back
I put in my LE code and they've never appeared as unlocked for me. I did get my emblem and special recruit stuff though. At least 1 of the specializations was supposed to be unlocked right?