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I need help on campaign legendary halo 4

OP NobleCinders

Can someone help me beat the campaign on legendary it’s so damn hard and it’d be nice to have someone help me or we could help eachother
if so freind me and text me
If you see me online I would be willing to help. My personal tip is to use the turret and a scoped light rifle to take care of most encounters.
sure i will if possible plasma pistol also helps for elites it kills their shields
If you still need help, or another player, I'll help
I would like to help but at the moment I do not have gold
Spartan F815 reporting for duty Sir!!! The transport will arrive this Friday 2 of February. I can give you a hand if you want. My GT GODFallout15. I see you in the Battlefield!!!
I can give you a hand with the campaign, send me a message GT: rhym
DM me when I'm online, if I'm nob in the middle of ax game I'll play w/ you. Don't invite me if I'm on Netflix or YouTube though please.
Really good tip in my opionion.
Play on Legendary with a bunch of skulls on. Then switch to normal Legendary and watch as your skill increases!
Try and get some friends, controllers and time and play on multiplayer it’s a lot easier.