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Is the Team Objective playlist dead?

OP A So So Sniper

I'm sick and tired of complaining about how Halo 5 dedicates 98% of their playlists to Slayer, so I decided to play the Team Objective playlist in Reach, to know what it's like to have a multi-gamemode playlist completely void of Slayer. I was absolutely sure it would be 100 times better than anything Halo 5 had to offer......that is, if I could find anyone in the playlist.

Reach is clearly not dead, playing a variety of popular playlists such as Infection, Grifball, Invasion, and even some unpopular playlists like Anniversary Classic, and finding matches fairly quickly in all of them, so why is the Team Objective playlist so empty? I have no experience with this playlist, so please tell me why you long-time Reach fans stay away from this playlist. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!
My theory is that people stay away from it because there's constantly no one in it. The cycle won't break until a large number of people (at least 80-90, if not even 100+) join the playlist at one time. People will be more inclined to join because they'll know they'll be able to find a match in relatively little time. Right now the most players I've seen in the playlist was about 10, meaning if they weren't in game it would still take a long to match up with them. You and all the others would probably get bored and flee to the Slayer, Living Dead, or other populated playlists.

I wish the playlist was more populated as well, because I myself also get bored with the generic Slayer/SWAT/BTB and Infection gametypes, and the only ways to get past that are to hope for luck of the draw with games like Oddball, CTF, Stockpile, etc. to come up in a Slayer/SWAT/BTB (and have them get voted in), join Multi-Team (which is a bit too crowded for me to play consistently), or gather a sustainable amount of friends/players to play Custom Games.

I feel like there should be a group or something around here or over Live that regularly gets together as a party to play Objective, if there isn't already. It would probably be a great time and may even boost the playlist's popularity permanently.
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Unfortunately Team objective is dead and unless a large group of people somehow band together and repopulate and try to attract other players, I doubt Objective will make a comeback unless reach somehow explodes in population. your best bet for some objective gameplay is Invasion, BTB or multi-team has oddball, headhunter and some others.
I'm looking to try and revive it, or at least get a few matches in. I'll probably set up a looking for group post to get it started, add me on Xbox if interested.
Dead for a long, long time. Think it's the same for all older Halo Games. Objective-only playlists tend to die. I love the objective gametypes in Rumble Pit and Multi-Team, and those are still alive.

You might be able to find people willing to party up just to play objectives.
I'm down to play
I'd love to do some 1 flag CTF and maybe some headhunter