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Issue Regarding "A Storage Solution" - Halo: Reach

OP mxrvine

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Due to the severance of multiplayer services this December, I have been going back to the legacy 360 games to try and finish my remaining achievements. For the achievement "A Storage Solution", I need to use the File Browser to upload a file to my File Share. However, upon selecting a screenshot, gametype or map variant, regardless of whether I created it or not, I run into an error upon attempting to upload a file to my File Share. I get stuck on the prompt "Verifying Selection", and after roughly 20 seconds I'm redirected to a message stating the following:

"Transfer Failed. You must be connected to Xbox LIVE to upload or download files from the File Share."

I exit out of this message, only to see that nothing's changed; I'm connected to Xbox LIVE just fine. I am using a Series X with the backwards compatibility feature for Halo: Reach. Please help!

As a side note, I was running into "matchmaking aborted" issues when trying to load up Team Objective or other playlists with friends using guest accounts with extra controllers. When I load up without guests, things work fine. Why is this happening? This is making the multiplayer achievements much more difficult to obtain, given the low population of the legacy Reach servers.
I had the exact same problem in Halo 4 file share. They gotta fix it ASAP. For me it says “The Halo 4 server is not available at this time. Please try again later.” I’ve tried many times in the last few days so it’s not just server issues, idk if anyone else had this same problem if so pls lmk what you did to get it to work
Reached out to stickerboy on Twitter with no response. Really hope this issue for Reach and 4 can get fixed. Want to get all the achievements before the multiplayer services go down in December!
Still have not hear anything and cannot upload a file to the file share system for neither Reach nor 4.
I'm trying to upload something too.
Yep, still no reply on Twitter or any recent (ie last 2 weeks) evidence I can find that 343 either knows this is happening or is actively trying to fix it. Really frustrating to feel ignored.
At this point we'll just have to see whats happens there's still plenty of time for them to fix the problems
It is quite disappointing that the File Share doesn't seem to work. There are a few screenshots/clips on my 360 that I would like to get on my Xbox One, and I was wondering if I could use the File Share to transfer them. Still, I think they really should allow it to function at least until the servers are shut down at the end of the year. That only seems fair.
File share on Reach and 4 still doesn't work as of 7/16/2021. Really hope this comes back soon or a Waypoint mod sees this and helps solve the problem.
I left a post in the halo reach server forum as well hoping a mod would see it since they seem active there
Thanks bud. Still haven’t heard back from anyone yet, good to keep trying.
No worry's :) iv left comment about it in file share for reach and 4 since both versions of it stopped working about the same time i even left a post in the reach server forum to be safe
STILL no replies and having the persistent issue. Game responds to uploading a file to file share by stating that I must be connected to Xbox Live, but I clearly am. This is likely due to server connectivity issues causing the game to think I’m not connected, but immediately after exiting that prompt I’m able to search and find matchmaking games successfully. Reached out to someone that somehow got the achievement to pop on 16 July but haven’t heard anything back. Apart from them, the majority of players haven’t gotten the achievement since 30 June.

NOTE: This same issue also applies to the “Sharing is Caring” achievement for halo 4.
I want to note that this issue persists for BOTH Halo Reach and Halo 4 when using a 360 as well. I’ve tried multiple times on the 360 with no success.
Same hope its sorted soon:(
Still no success for halo reach file share as of 7/21/21.
I have been trying daily for the last week or so with no luck :( this of ALL the achievements is going to keep me from a complete in reach
Bungie/ 343 needs to fix this before they shut down Their servers.
I agree. Recently checked the "Recent Winners List" on TrueAchievements and although there appear to be recent winners as of yesterday, I went into their profiles and it looks like they haven't played Halo Reach or 4 in a long time. Maybe the achievement tracking is messed up on TrueAchievements but it looks like a lot of people are having trouble.
I have tried pretty much everything possible. Tried on Xbox One and two different 360’s (clamshell and E model) with no luck. Cleared caches on both 360’s still nothing. I don’t think anyone has been unlocking this achievement for quite some time. I wish they would just give us the achievement similar to what they did with the Halo 4 mp achievements, just unlock it for everyone. So annoying. Praying we can get a resolution before the shutdown.
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