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OP TheGrimGamer420

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343i should add Reach to the MCC. I get that it wasn't a Master Chief specific story, but getting Cortana to him on the Pillar of Autumn was the entire goal of the game, so one could argue that it does relate to the Master Chief pretty significantly. It also sets up the beginning of Halo CE and is heavily featured in the opening cut scene of Halo 2 when the Arbiter is retelling the story of how he followed the POA from Reach to Installation 04

You could get a ton of players back into the game if 343i did this one thing (I realize that, in reality, a collection of things must be done to add a game to the MCC)
Well yeah Reach needs to be in MCC but ODST is also in MCC sooooo it makes sence
Yeah, but ODST was added late as a compensation item as it was really easy to add since it's basically just a campaign map pack for Halo 3. Can't really hold it to the same standards IMO
I'm sure many others would prefer a full porting of Reach to the MCC but I would be happy if 343 did a similar thing as ODST and just added Reach's campaign. They can work on adding the rest later.
What I meant was they added ODST because it's just Halo 3 basically so not much porting work required. Reach would be a TON of work.
Oh gotcha. Then that would be a ton of work indeed.
We all need to come together as a community to keep halo reach alive and thriving just like it was in the beginning I miss reached glory days and want to bring them back I can’t be The only person out here that still plays reach right? Also sorry for my -Yoink- grammer
I agree with this. I miss reach’s glory days a lot. It’s especially hurtful because I can’t play it atm. My 360 is long packed up, and my reach disk is gone :(.

i support this, and I hope that in 2019, when I finally go back to reach, that there will still be some people playing. I would love to finally get to inheritor, but I might never achieve that due to an unfortunate hiatus a while back.

In short, I support this. I’m glad people are still playing reach, even if the numbers are small compared to years ago
TheBlurr48 wrote:
we need another reach game but 343 will mess up the nostalgia
As long as they don’t make multiplayer graphics muddy and unreadable, I’m fine with it. H2A player models are TERRIBLE.
I still enjoy playing Halo: Reach and I would be happy if the population of some playlists would rise again! How about the remaining players finally getting the DLCs if they are provided for free? It would help to find new fun. To do that, please do the following:

- launch Halo: Reach on your XBOX one console
- go to the customgames and open the list of maps

If you have cards marked with stars, they are missing and you know that you have been able to enjoy the game only halfway so far. But that does not matter, you can catch up with them quite easily.

- Find a missing map and hit A
- a 360-specific window from the marketplace will open and you press "confirm purchase"
- a one-specific window will direct you to the location of Halo: Reach, where you have now triggered the free DLCs under "ready to install".
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