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OP j0hn ga1t

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1/16 of an inch is all you have to move your pinky finger to instantly not look like a complete idiot.
Its your connection, i don't experience lag, only in a few games but not all the time.
Lag is a major issue for a lot of Aussie players. Everyone on my friends list has stopped playing h4 ( all long term halo players )because of lag. They aren't having any probs playing battlefield 3. I played h4 last night and it was just unplayable. It's easy for people not having the problem to just say... well go play something else then. But that's pretty childish.
I've noticed it too. Used to never be lag for me and now it's all over the place. Using an ethernet cable as well.
Lesson: Don't get internet from Walmart.
Ahh, another maddox fan I see :D
My War Games usually runs fine, but occasionally Spartan Ops lag is overwhelming and unbearable. Other times, it runs smooth and gives me an optimal playing experience.
It may be you have a poor internet connection because the only time I get lag is when my brother is downloading and it isn't bad to the point I can't play unless it is Spartan Ops then it is input lag up the wazoo. Last year I switch internet providers, playing online was impossible because it would be laggy. I quit Call of Duty because of lag, I was convincing myself I had enough of the game but it wasn't the game. Could be the area or provider or someone in your house is doing something to affect everything else. It's not the game
I had a bit of lag some time ago, but I readjusted my internet settings and it's ok now.
not to be a jerk here, I love and support this community, good people, good sports, all wanting to have fun online, but you must have not played Black Ops 2. look up lag in a dictionary, you'll find black ops 2. lol

but in all seriousness, maybe its on your end or just out of luck your connection for some odd reason is having issues. I myself had some rare occasions where I had issues but friends didnt. hopefully its not too bad for ya though man, in my experience black ops 2 has so much lag, its like its non existent in halo.
the problem is game companys dont test their netcode properly (going global)

did anyone here play CS 1.5 / 1.6 ??

that game was synced up even playing on opposite sides of the planet..

its clear todays game companies are just cutting corners and assuming most players are in the US, which is only the case cause everyone else stops playing due to -Yoink- online play.
It's got to be your internet. There is some lag, but it's not nearly as bad as it sounds like you have.
Can anyone give me a better idea how to approach the topic with my ISP. When I do a speed test I am getting 16MB/S download and 8MB/S upload speeds. That should be sufficient for lag free gaming should't it?
More information...... when I play nobody else is using the connection, I am in Canada, my ISP is Bell. When I check my Network settings in Halo 4 most of the time it shows OPEN but at various times it shows as MODERATE and then back to OPEN again.
Step 1: Get a better internet connection.
Step 2: Try Hard-wiring your xbox instead of connecting via wireless.

I don't know what everyone's problem is, I have never had a serious problem with lag. Of course there is one or two unbearable games but really? It's probably something on your end.

Maybe switch from dial-up to high-speed, that should help.

On a more serious note: try resetting your router or modem, sometimes that does wonders.
I have a wired connection directly to my modem/router.
Sounds like a personal problem. I haven't noticed a change in connection quality. Even in Spartan Ops, the game runs very smooth.
COD is worse though. The way it plays makes every second count. Lag -Yoinks!- it up a lot.
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