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OP LordMcswagtache

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I'm available most of the time. Just hit me up in advance and I should be able to get on.
I will try and add you thursday to play
I've got reach, halo 4 halo wars and ce anniversary achievements left. H3 and h3 odst are already 100 percent for me. I do however have all the games and am willing to help others out as well. I have about 3 other dedicated people that are online as often as I am, please feel free to add me so we can get all the legacy games at 100 percent before December. Times ticking.

Mr Pink 911
Just got Halo 3 multiplayer with 3 ODST, wanted to get as many armors in the game as possible. Like I said, I only have the multiplayer disk right now. I'll get the campaign disk soon.
Im in aswell. Everyone can add me and send me a message if you want to get the map pack achievements.
I have 3 controllers so some achievements will be easier to get
Anyone here looking to play legit and earn these? We have to coordinate to fill dead playlists.
Im down for halo 3, reach, or 4 if anyone wants to hit me up. I got extra controllers.
Would be willing to help with 3/4/Reach matchmaking cheevos. Don’t know about ODST, doing endure would need actual players
I want to finish ODST, I just need Chasm Ten, Crater, Last Exit, Lost Platoon, and Security. Pm me, or invite me.
10 am pacific standard time tommorow we are getting the halo reach invasion achievements we need to fill some spots. Add me or send me a message on Xbox live
Mr pink 911
I'm down to get some achievements.
Need achievements on all the legacy Halos. I'll help and play. GT is my name
Looking for a co op partner for Halo Wars and Spartan Assault (360 versions). Message me on Xbox if you need these also. My gt is spelled karbon diioxide.😃

Mic preferred.
Halo is my childhood game and I would love to have 100% for the legacy games. Please add me and we can start on getting the achievements ASAP. My GT is the same as my name.
damn this -Yoink- is kinda sad lmao. these achievements are about to be fr gone
I really needed help with Halo 3 Two For One Achievements this is my final one and I need people to help me out my Lone Wolves Rank is 30 is there anyone out there that are willing to help me achieve this hardest Achievement I would feel very Appericted Thank you.
Like all of you, I want to complete the achievements for the original Halo games before it’s too late and there won’t be any chance to in the future. If you need help or you want to help me at any point, my GT is SatinGecko43373 and though I am currently enrolled in high school until may and I have a part time job, as well as church on Sundays and Wednesdays, you can shoot me a message and if I’m available to play, I’ll gladly help any of you. Let’s finish strong, Spartans!!
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