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Longest survival time on Lone Wolf

OP Lance G063

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My longest time was around 20 min
I last around 15 minutes if I just constantly fight. Depends on my luck though if Imma be honest😂
Lance G063 wrote:
For that to be the case you would have to have been playing for 7 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, and 8 hours. The game has been put for only 7 years and 5 months. Also no one can survive that long; If you hide for that long, your xbox will eventually crash from overheating or something.
It was a joke bro.
One time I lasted 40 minutes on legendary without glitching
16 min and 41 seconds was my best time without hiding finnaly got killed by a elite general
With friends, we made it to about 1hr 45 minutes. Without, I made it about 55 minutes. None of this was hiding. We just kept on fighting. Let’s just say that when you have a drop shield and an energy sword along with some sort of primary you can make it.
27 minutes with a turret at the end using sword and dmr
10 minutes on legendary.
I survived 20 minutes and got bored so I just started the cutscene so I could hit the menu and replay The Package to slay some Covies for Jorge and Kat.
I only survived 12 minutes on Legendary but that was many years ago when I was worse at the game. I should try it again sometime.
I survived approximately 1,120,387,123,122,009,452,338,343 nanoseconds
I know Generalkidd survived for about 22 hours but I don't think thats the record. For me I've only survived about 15 minutes on easy with all skulls except for blind on.
I got bored of it after about ten minutes and gave up to go play multiplayer with the boys
I survived for about 2 hours hiding and 1 hour not
never tried it yet lol
What difficulty are we talking about? I have survived about 10 minutes on easy, but about 3-4 minutes on heroic (no hiding)
On the original game just 15 minutes, the destiny of noble 6 was to die and i accepted it when those elites didn't stop arriving.
My best time is 2 hours 24 minutes with an energy sword and elite weapons
two hours, until my xbox close the game for overheating.
Haven't checked it when I died, but i guess around 15 minutes on normal
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