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Looking for players with all Halo 4 DLC

OP Goat Buffalo

Looking for people who have all Halo 4 DLC. If you are interested in joining a lobby full of people with all DLC for achievements, add me. Gamertag: Halo Librarian

Also willing to help others with any achievements on other Halo games, Endure, Deja Vu', Etc.
I made a thread about this as well. Feel free to enlist and friend anyone on the list!
i have all dlc and am looking for dlc achievemet help
Looking to finish off the DLC achievements and grab the Mongoose kills commendation. I have all the DLC packs too. Add me up.
Add me. Would love to play the maps.
You can add me. I rarely ever play Halo 4 nowadays but I might as well try to finish the achievements before November.
I've got all the DLC, sounds like fun. I'd like in please.
I have all DLC and I'm going to throw my 360 with my copy of Halo 4 into the Gulf of Mexico if I don't get to play those damn maps.
Im down to play on the DLC maps whenever. GT: iJekPorkins Ill be on all day today and tomorrow :)add me if anybodies up for playing them!