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[Locked] Matchmaking Problem (restarting search)

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I played one game of Infinity Slayer no problem. I backed out, edited my loadouts, and now everytime I get into a lobby, right when voting ends and the map loads, it sends me back to the "searching for player" lobby. It's happened a good 20 times in a row now. Anyone else having this issue?
Yea just started happening to me now, really annoying me.
Same here, getting really frustrated!
Open yer nat type. I mean everyone, ever.
Yep no Spartan Opps no nothing
yeah i cant play war games or spartan ops says unable to load info from halo 4 servers and the messed up thing is im sitting a rom with my friend right next to me on a different tv and hes having no issues pretty unhappy
it's been happening to me for the past hour. Get this; I drop out of one game on Exile in frustration because the other team is f***ing cheating. Then I get matched with another group and we all vote for a game Ragnarok. Then for whatever reason, I get "Restarting Search" and get dropped right back into game I just left. What the hell?
It's happening to my GF right now. LoL. She's getting PO'ed. I'm not even going to power up my 360. I'm going to wait till all the bugs clear up. Or at least I hope they do..
Open yer nat type. I mean everyone, ever.
Have open, doesn't matter at all. This must be server side.
Happening to me. You can only get into a game if it's JIP.

I think this is related to the problem in Reach where once it finds all the players, you get kicked back to the search screen.
maybe 343i is fixing something. Then again knowing how this game is, its may just be a glitch.
Got a message telling me, "we have aborted matchmaking due to networkproblems, plz try again later". 10 kills left to complete challenge :(
My NAT is open and all my firends are and we are all having the same problem
its happens to me now !
same crap im experiencing with you guys... like 40 times I suggest to turn of the 360 and the internet or router connection and then replug it back if it works. im going to try that right now.
Same here, got into a game earlier but now it gets to the count down to loading the game and starts the search again.
Team already know there may be issues, looking into it just now :)

*edit* probably better sticking to the thread I posted, save clogging up the forums ;)
Having the same issue here as well. Just started happening about half an hour ago.
Hope this gets resolved soon.
Whatever 343 is doing it seems to have recovered on my end and I can get back into games again.
Yep, same exact problem here. Restarting the console seems to work for me every time. It doesn't happen often with me, but the only temporary fix I can think of is to wait until the servers aren't acting up or restart the console. If that doesn't help then try reporting it to 343 Industries. Sorry, however that's all I can think of. I hope your issue gets resolved soon!
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