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My halo waypoint stats for reach and h3 are gone

OP WGU Wolfette

What happened? I can’t see ANY of my stats. It’s as if I’ve never played the game.

It’s pretty sad, especially since I used to play reach a lot back in the day, and I had some pretty good firefight scores.

was this caused by a username change? My halo 4 and CEA records are fine, but my reach and halo 3 records have been completely wiped. Was it possibly a false cheating report? Inactivity?

i need answers
Yes, if you have changed your gamertag since playing those games then your Waypoint profile will be out of sync. You would need to play them again on your new tag in order to get things syncing again - this can be anything from campaign to forge, as long as you're connected to Xbox Live when doing it