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My Ideal Updates in SWAT


I know that updates will never be brought to Reach, but it's always nice to fantasize right? I only play SWAT so these ideas are strictly for SWAT.

Collateral damage: SWAT will allow up to four headshots, one bullet. Collaterals only work with headshots, not body shots.

Quit Penalty: Bring back the quit penalty, every game it seems a few people leave with no consequence and the remaining players are left with a long and super boring round, ruining any possibility of fun.

Servers: Wow! The servers... It's so hard to even get into a game anymore due to the servers having trouble keeping everyone in the lobby lol, between that and people quitting with no consequence it's tough.

Mandatory DLC download: SWAT seems to have only a few playable maps off DLC, if 7 players have the DLC and 1 doesn't in the lobby you can't play any DLC maps. Mandatory DLC downloads would ensure more maps in the game.

Pre Game Armor Effect: Armor effect is displayed on pre-game lobby character, Armor effects are obviously useless, but it would be nice to actually see your current armor effect in the pre-game lobbies.

So what do you guys think? Again, Obviously I know 343 won't update Reach ever, It's a business. It's nice to fantasize though. :)