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My stats aren`t tracked, why?

OP EliTheElite674

I have this game on the pc, I`ve gotten a lot of achievements for it, and beat the campaign. Why does it still say I`ve never played the game? -Yoink- you, 343. Nice profanity block, what`s the matter, can`t take the bad comments like the fools you are?
I'm assuming you're referring to the Vista version of Halo 2. To my knowledge, the Halo Waypoint site only includes the stats for the console versions of the Halo games. So the Halo 2 shown on Waypoint is legacy stats for the original XBox version. I can't verify that, unfortunately, as I never played the XBox version of Halo 2 online. I do have the Vista version and Waypoint shows that I have no stats for that game.

Also, 343 had nothing to do with any available PC Halo games other than Halo Online (only officially available in Russia) and the 2 top-down shooter spin-off games. Bungie & Gear Box made the Halo CE port; Bungie and Hired Gun made the Halo 2 port.