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OP palefoxsahara

I really want a custom nameplate on halo reach but I know it's too late. I remember you had to go on and do that. but since 343 took over I can't find anywhere on their website to do the nameplate thing. If anyone knows how to do it please let me know, I really want the master chief helmet nameplate.
It's not possible to set or see anything relating nameplates anymore OP. The last time you could was back in 2011 before Bungie made the hand off to 343. In July of that year Bungie locked down that section meaning you could no longer set or update your name plate. The functionality was eventually removed when Bungie updated their website for Destiny. This aspect of the game was never transferred to 343, as such if you didn't set or change your name plate before 2011 you can no longer do so
I still got my halo 3 nameplate from back in the day lol
343i is not going to allow us to change the nameplate. I had made a forum on this subject, and he told me that he was no longer working on the old halo.