Ok, I was just thinking of what kinds of additional features could be added to forge. Not like it would happen in Halo 4 of course because it's already released and all that. But maybe some new features and capabilities of the Halo 5 or something.

- Remote Activated Objects: Remember those good old days back in Halo 3 when you could activate things with a switch of some kind? For example, in High Ground you got that switch to open the big gate. But of course, that was built into the map by default, and NOT modifiable. This idea would consist of two different objects to be placed. First object would be a Remote Switch let's say. Second item could either be a Remote Door, Remote Gate, or something along those lines. Each item would have it's own channel configuration to be modified similar to the channel configuration of a teleporter, for example.

- Merging Objects: This one might be a bit silly. But silly is always ok! This is basically self-explanatory. Merging two or more objects to form one object. So if you want them all to do the same thing with the same pattern, you could do that. Otherwise, if you tried to do this in the current forge system, things like physics and gravity would surely cause your plan to fail. Hell, with this idea of a new feature you could merge a bunch of different objects together (all of which having the normal physic applied of course) to make a giant spike ball rolling down a hill while you run away from it trying to survive with your dear life. Or, you might see some f*cked up vehicles with this feature!

- Revolutions: Now this could work for probably almost any object. Take an object, there would be a toggle option to Revolutionize your object, meaning you could make your object spin, rotate, or roll. From this point, you could change the speed at which your object rotates, maybe to be measured in Revolutions per Minute? And you could change which axis of the object you would like it to rotate on.

- Elevators/Escalators: Another self-explanatory idea as you can see. We all know what elevators and escalators are (I hope).

- Trap Doors: This kind of mechanic would be interesting. Here's something to imagine... Picture that one a$$hole who rushes for the Incineration Cannon every game, just think of how awesome you would feel to see that in a game, then once he reaches the Incineration Cannon the floor just simply opens beneath his feet and he falls to his death. This could be activated by simply touching it.

That`s all I can think of for now. If I can manage to think of some more I`ll come back and edit this post :P Let me know what you guys think of the ideas.