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ODST - Thunder Bin

OP SierraVictor597

I was playing ODST on MCC PC just now, and found something weird. I was playing on the open city Mombasa Streets, just chasing up some audio logs I hadn't picked up.

After about 45 minutes of playing I was about to open a big door leading back toward the starting section (from "Prepare to Drop") when there was a sudden thunder and lightning strike, and a bin with vergil symbols just appeared on the ground in front of my character. It kind of spooked me, and I looked around for where it might have come from but couldn't find anything.

After a few more minutes of walking around I ended up looping back to that spot and the bin was still there.

I then quit, and loaded up theatre. Sure enough, at about the 45 minute mark, right in front of that door, there was a lightning flash and thunder, and that bin just spawned directly in front of my character.

I tried looking for instances of it online, and while Google did suggest that searches had been done for the phrase "odst thunder bin" I was not able to find any results anywhere online.

So I turn to you, folks of waypoint. Has anyone seen this before? Is this an Easter egg, a very strange bug, or something totally obvious? I saved the theatre file as proof.

EDIT: Here's a video from that theatre recording;

(I had to edit this post as I'm unable to reply for some reason)
I for one have never seen this before. If you could show us a clip I'd happily watch it. I'm really curious.
Maybe it's tied to the mystery of the glyphs?

I don't know thats pretty funky lit fam
Link to video.

Never seen that before…. Pretty sweet if it’s a new Easter Egg.