I know this has probably been discussed an abundant of times but, ODST was one of a kind. The challenges, the atmosphere, being vulnerable, the art style, no hand holding assist. What would everyone like to see from a second ODST (If it ever happens)?
As we won't be seeing the old squad back, I would like a second ODST game to be based between Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. Instead of being the new guy, this time you could be the leader of the squad and issue commands like you can in Halo 5: Guardians (I have liked this feature since the days of Republic Commando).

Or between Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: Infinite. Think about it. The campaign opens up with Earth and the UNSC fleet going dark because of Cortana. The ship you and your squad are on is caught in the Earth's gravitational pull and is beginning to hurtle to the planet below. The evac alarm goes off and you and your squad have to escape the ship with explosions going off all around and ship segments being torn into pieces. The beginning mission ends as you and your squad are safely in an escape pod, watching the remains of the ship disintegrating as she falls to Earth and then when the musical score reaches its most highest and dramatic pitch, "O.D.S.T 2" slowly fades onto the screen.
I know there was a thread to something similar in the general discussions. Ill link it below.


Post your ideas there! I know they are more talking about an ODST game with a bit more horror to it, but still, its a good place to throw suggestions!
I actually really like that Idea N7. Kind of an homage to the first game but, in a different light.
Thanks Zeth for the link!
I am currently replaying ODST on the MCC and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been in a nostalgic state for the past few days. I remember when it dropped September 22nd 2009 and it shed a whole new light to the series and I would love more depth into the life of ODST and/or Marines.
I loved ODST but, the sad truth is that they're probably not going release another one. The new 343 direction of the series has got me hopeful for the future, but not that hopeful.
I'd like it to take place around infinite and what alpha nine is doing, and to have terminals based off of the novel new blood and bad blood.