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Radar Showed on Swat - a glitch or a mod?


Played swat in matchmaking as usual yesterday and to my surprise I had a radar. Is this a glitch or was somone mod'ed on my team? Anyone else seen this? Thanks - SiZZLE FiNGER
wtf probably just a glitch .i doubt it was a mod ....but you know how 343i doesn't care like bungie did about hacks ,who knows?
Thanks for responding. I put a video of the glitch up here:

I stopped mid game and grab my camera phone. I never saved the video locally so this is the only footage. If you can bare watching all of it, you will see the radar all the way through and at the end shows the awards screen to prove it was a war games matchmaking swat game and not custom. Would love to here from 343i about this. Would like to know if this really was a glitch or if I really do get wiped out on swat because someone has figured out a way to give their team a radar. Thanks - SiZZLE FiNGER
Seem like a glitch.