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Reach Armory %

OP Run 4W

Hello! I have a tricky question I think about and since I don't have access to my Xbox for a few weeks I'll ask here.

• Question 1:(Answered) Both confirmation and reply below, you start with 7% armory completion as noobie.

"If you look at your armory completion before buying a single armor piece in Halo: Reach, you will have seven percent armory completion, another seven reference."

• Question 2: on Legacy Reach when you make your very first purchase with cR (armor visor effects voices), does the 7% jump up? I have a memory on my former acc not always gaining percentage %, it's specific to the first ever cR purchase does it remain 7% or jump up. Thank you and have a nice day!
I believe a Recruit starts out with 7% armory completion. And, I believe you go up 1 or 2 percent after every purchase. Hope this helps..
I would guess that this percentage figure increases by a given amount for every item purchased and that every single item contributes to this number with the exception of pre-order items and the haunted helmet.
The % also goes up as you rank up and unlock more stuff in the armory, not just purchasing items.