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Reach's DLC


Can we have the map pack playlist back in mp? With MCC being fixed it's make sense with reach's map packs too!
I have to disagree yeah it would be nice to get that play list back but reach is already 7 years old doing a special event like that seems kinda useless despite the larger group still there MCC is still a some what new tittle and needs that attention
Well all the Halo Reach DLC is free to download so idk why they wouldn't have a playlist for it.
I never got map pack playlists when the games that old, the new maps definitely lost their hype of being new by now
I think they should bring back a DLC playlist. It is important for achievement hunters. Even though the DLCs are for free I believe not everyone playing has downloaded and installed them.
I have to admit that I haven't seen a DLC map in online matchmaking for a very long time.
The DLC playlist ensures that everyone playing that list definately has all DLCs. In every other playlist you will be mixed together with people who haven't got the DLCs, which is kinda a lot the case and as a result makes it nearly impossible to play in a DLC map.